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Social Village Cascina Merlata
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Social Village Cascina Merlata


The Cascina Merlata district is located north-west of Milan, near the EXPO 2015 area and the Rho-Pero exhibition centre. The predominantly residential site, set in an area of around 900,000 square metres, is an innovative metropolitan space, based on environmental sustainability principles. Urban [O3] street lighting from GEWISS integrates perfectly within this context. Elegant and refined, GEWISS' lighting provides excellent visibility, energy savings and a low impact on the environment.



City Life Milan Projects

City Life Milan

As part of the project for the redevelopment of the prestigious neighbourhood in the fiera di Milano area, the city life park is fundamental, both in terms of its size and its position. Providing lighting for a green urban area of this size is complex, and projects of this kind must be developed with a close eye on cost management, as well as a focus on the safety of citizens, enabling them to access the park in the evening and at night. GEWISS successfully met these requirements, installing 85 Urban [O3] devices to provide perfect lighting across the entire 165,000 square metres that the park spans. These led lights guarantee low energy consumption and a long lifespan, with excellent technical characteristics. Moreover, the design of these devices is simple and pure, harmonising perfectly with the modern city life architectural project.

Private Villa in Bastia Umbra Proiecte

Private Villa in Bastia Umbra

In the heart of a valley near Umbria near Perugia, Italy, this splendid villa is a combination of contemporary style, sophisticated technology and refined elegance. The Chorus home automation system installed in the building is a perfect synthesis of this combination, including ICE Touch white glass plates, a centralized security system, a variety of lighting points and chrono-thermostats framed by LUX plates in monochrome white metal.

Zonele comunale Contexts

Zonele comunale

Zonele rezidenţiale comunale sunt, deseori, spaţiile tehnice din casă, pentru gestionarea energiei şi a utilităţilor pentru întreaga clădire. Siguranţa şi eficienţa acestor zone sunt esenţiale, iar GEWISS oferă protecţie prin soluţii precum tablouri şi cofrete de distribuţie, disjunctoare cu protecţie diferenţială şi întrerupătoare, doze de derivaţie etanşe şi aparate de iluminat la interior cu LED.

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