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Software for the estimation of electrical systems

PRICE is an easy to use software programme for preparing cost estimates of electrical systems.

The programme can be used as follows:

- independently for making cost estimates from scratch;

- by importing data from the Software GEWISS for making complete cost estimates.

The estimates can have a tree structure making it easier for the user to set out the documents in the same way as the system is organised.

For complete cost estimates the programme contains the whole GEWISS Price list in structured from which you can obtain the product codes to prepare a codes list.

If you want to insert one single item the codes can be inserted by simply double clicking the mouse, or if you want to insert a number of items use the mouse to drag and drop them in the Estimate.

Estimates produced by importing lists of materials generated by other programmes can be incorporated or modified as you wish. In the estimates produced discounts (or mark ups) can be set both on the single code (product) as well as on the whole estimate.

The objects generated by PRICE can be printed or exported in various formats (xls, pdf, rtf) according to the user’s requirements.

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