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Design and estimation of low voltage systems

PROJEX is an online software that can be used by any device connected to the Internet (smartphone, tablet or PC) with which it is possible in a simple and quick way to design and estimate the electrical low voltage installation system.

Main functions offered by the software: drawing of the electrical scheme, calculation of the parameters of the electric system and estimation of the system.

Drawing of the scheme

The wiring diagram drawing mode allows you to insert the symbols of the components in the diagram by defining the connection mode (series, parallel, start of a new panel) or by dragging them directly into the circuit. The devices can also be inserted directly by selecting them based on their electrical parameters. The wiring diagram can be structured in 3 different ways.

Calculation of the electric system
Once the design of the single-line electrical diagram has been completed, the program calculates the electrical parameters of the system (load and short-circuit currents; voltage drops) and the choice of components (cables; switching and protection devices).

The electrical parameters of the devices are automatically placed in the diagram, the rows (data) of which can be set by the user. It is also possible to "block" all the devices and/or the cables or only those selected: the program during the verification signals any anomalies (and proposes the replacement of the blocked component with another suitable one). The photos of the devices (switches, measuring devices, signaling, command, etc.) facilitates their selection.

Quick estimation

The program also allows you to make a quick estimate by selecting the devices to be inserted through appropriate filters (data, description, or directly from the code).


The project documentation (diagrams, system/devices data, material lists) can be exported in various formats (xlsx, pdf).


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