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Security is fundamental within the gym: automatised solutions offer greater peace of mind to customers while they exercise by evaluating the course of action required based on the type of security/safety issue that needs to be managed.

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Consumers expect solutions that can adapt to unpredictable schedules imposed by today’s frenetic lifestyle. Fortunately, in this digital era, people are getting used to interactions that are not directly with a real person. As a result, the use of autonomous solutions—such as training machines with integrated video-courses or automatic access systems to the sports centre—is facilitated, but at the same time highly-efficient integrated security systems are essential. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of gym security and how to implement highly-efficient automated solutions.



Wellness centres consist of many different types of areas: “wet” zones (swimming pools, spas, showers), sport zones (equipped gyms, training rooms, outdoor courts/pitches for sport activities), changing rooms, clinics, beauty centres and offices. All the different points of risk must be checked for each area. The installation of several sensors for water leaks, smoke (for fire) and gas detectors will detect problems within all areas. The sensor sends a signal to a central unit and this sends a notification to operators via an app, wherever they may be. Automatic systems enable situations to be controlled remotely and, in some cases, even permit intervention, e.g. via meters with automatic reset of voltage.



Smart security systems can be installed alongside the sensors dedicated to structural problems. These smart security systems are based on presence sensors and can be associated with high-resolution video cameras, which are effective against unwanted entry and possible theft. The use of presence sensors also offers benefits in terms of optimising costs via the automatic activation of lights in less trafficked areas of the gym such as toilets, changing rooms or technical rooms.



Nowadays almost all gyms have automatic entry control systems, however there are various possible implementations. Over the last few years for example, automatic access control has permitted the spread of gyms open around the clock without the presence of reception staff outside of the classic hours of business, and more recently, the pandemic has made client temperature checks obligatory for all facilities. Some have introduced simple thermal scanners while others have integrated them into the centre’s management system, thus allowing the end of any quarantine period to be known for the protection of everyone's health. Careful analysis of attendance also enables the development of offers tailored to the needs of different customers.

It is also important to consider the safety of customers during activities, including those in the pool and spa. Obviously, it is essential to consider and guarantee privacy but there are still some solutions that may be used, e.g., one that allows you to check that all customers who have entered have also left the centre.

The safety and security of gyms and fitness centres involves customers, employees and the facilities themselves. Depending on the type of problem and danger that you wish to safeguard against, there are building automation solutions that enable effective intervention while ensuring complete respect for privacy.

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