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GEWISS successfully concludes the certification process of the Energy Management System, according to the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard, which confirms the company's commitment to ethical and eco-sustainable policies.

CSQ, a IMQ's Management Systems certification brand active since 1988, has awarded the GEWISS Italy production sites of the ISO 50001 certification, which validates the efficient management of resources and the results obtained in terms of energy saving and sustainability.

The ISO 50001 standard - "Energy Management Systems" - is an international standard that aims to support organizations and companies in the constant improvement of their energy performance, including the aspects of efficiency, reduction of consumption and the correct use of energy.

This result confirms GEWISS's ongoing commitment to ensuring a high degree of environmental compatibility of its sites, as well as of the activities, products, services and business processes, in full compliance with human capital, laws and regulations. To the point that the Company has decided to make sustainability one of the cornerstones of its mission, aimed at creating value for customers and staff with a more ethical and, indeed, eco-sustainable approach.

For many years, in fact, GEWISS has placed the environment at the top of the company's economic and social choices. The voluntary implementation of their own Energy Management System in Italian industrial sites is an important testimony of the will to take the path of environmental protection hand in hand with the development of the industrial reality. To achieve this, the Company directs its efforts towards the efficient consumption of energy resources and materials, the prevention of pollution, the containment of emissions, the development of safe processes and workplaces and strict compliance with the law. In particular, GEWISS considers human resources as a fundamental element for the success of the company and a determining factor in achieving environmental objectives.

GEWISS implements pollution prevention and energy saving policies also keeping its Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Management System active, through the definition of goals and improvement objectives on which to compare and evaluate the validity and effectiveness of the System. The Energy Management System, which has recently obtained ISO 50001 certification, has been developed in a way that is fully integrated with the Quality, Safety and Environment System, already certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

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