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Monochrome Collections

Our Monochrome collections represent perfect harmony between plates and switches, between pure lines and timeless elegance. Neutral colours match the environment and follow the most contemporary decor and design trends. The choice between glossy and matte gives unexpected light effects and makes every living style unique.


Styles and collections meet

With our Monochrome collections, Gewiss offers numerous aesthetic solutions for your home - 5 collections for 4 styles - and guides you in choosing the one that best suits you.


ICE and ICE TOUCH, Precious intelligence

 ICE glass plates meet the most sophisticated technological and aesthetic needs and represent a new frontier for lighting devices. Available in three different colours (white, black and titanium), ICE can accommodate all modular devices in the CHORUS range. Commands, systems for energy off-take, protection and signalling, comfort, climate control and technical alarms: ICE can meet the needs of any environment.

Chorus ICE

LUX, Luxury before everything

 LUX plates, with their modern, refined lines, marry the high-tech spirit of modernity with the refined and elegant taste of tradition. Wood, leather, glass and metal versions are added to the classic technopolymer plates with chrome frames. With monochrome variants of the metal LUX plates, uniformity of colour becomes the distinctive character of each CHORUS lighting device.

Chorus LUX

GEO, Iconic character

 The GEO plate with clean, regular lines fits perfectly into any environment with its simplicity and style. The materials and colours contribute to creating the right harmony that stands the test of time. Made from technopolymer, GEO resists the impact and stresses of everyday use. The sixteen different colours, the simple and light shapes and the restrained thickness that minimises detachment from the wall, make GEO a young and informal furnishing element that conveys a minimalist style in any space.

Chorus GEO

ONE, Young look

 Informal in appearance and classic in geometry, ONE is the CHORUS system’s range of plates dedicated to those who want to furnish their homes with simple touches. ONE’s understated and discreet design enhances any space, bringing harmony and aesthetic consistency to every room. Available in sixteen different colours, ONE comes in every shade you need to give free rein to your imagination.

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