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Working at Gewiss

GEWISS view its human resources as a precious asset that the company must be able to motivate and protect. We provide all those who embrace our philosophy and our values with real, solid opportunities for professional growth, closely linked to the tangible results achieved.

Joining GEWISS offers prospective employees the opportunity to work within a challenging and dynamic company which occupies a leading position in the sector of reference. Working at GEWISS also means being a part of an exceptional, highly-functional environment, in which the concept of space - where necessary - fosters team work and the exchange of ideas.


Work opportunities

We are looking for individuals who want to grow and excel, making a concrete contribution to the realisation of our projects - people with entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and determination, along with a talent for teamwork and interpersonal relationships. Ideal candidates will have a degree or equivalent level of education, speak English fluently as a minimum, and will know how to use the most common computer programmes. In addition, candidates should be willing to work abroad, and should gain satisfaction from working hard.

If you see yourself reflected in these characteristics and in the values of our company, send us your CV by completing the form provided.


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As a company, GEWISS is characterised both by its energy and by its constant quest for innovation, drawing inspiration from the principle of "development as a constant feature of management", and we consider our employees and partners to be one of the key strengths for the development of the business. Our approach to Human Resource management is focused on the constant recruitment of new graduates - the “lifeblood” that Gewiss needs to implement our company development plans.

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Gewiss dedicates the utmost care and attention to the recruitment of human resources for the company, through the staff of the Human Resources and Organisation Department and the input received from the various business functions. The Curriculum Vitae is the most common channel through which employees are recruited - these are either sent speculatively to the company, or in response to advertisements placed in the leading national newspapers or on the company website. We always provide a written response to every application. There are three traditional entry routes for school leavers and recent graduates:

  • Technical Area (Research& Development, Design, Production, Logistics);
  • Commercial Area (Sales, Marketing and Communications);
  • Service Area (Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Management Control, Legal, IT Systems).

The response of the individual to challenges encountered "in the field" and the skills that they demonstrate are then used determine the area of the company in which the new recruit is to be placed, although there are opportunities for mobility both between departments and between the group companies.


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For Gewiss, the provision of constant training for our human resources has always represented a strategic factor, enabling us to foster the growth both of our employees and of the company as a whole. Training is very much part of the company's "rewards system", especially in light of the positive effects that this has on "employability". Our training programme is based on the development of skills which enable employees to support the company's strategic plans.Institutional-type training is provided regularly, with a view to transferring and sharing the company values and culture with all those who have recently joined the Group. Significant resources are invested in IT training too, with starter/refresher courses on the new SAP system and the main Office applications. With regard to language training, we organise internal courses with teachers who are native speakers of English, in order to create an English language culture at all levels of the company; teaching is also provided in cases where knowledge of other languages is required by specific professional figures. Finally, we also offer a training programme on safety in working environments (in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent changes).

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