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Ancient Farmhouse
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Ancient Farmhouse


The beautiful plates in oxidised iron serve simply as confirmation from an aesthetic perspective that the Chorus system is perfectly integrated within this prestigious farmhouse, offering state-of-the-art solutions for home and building management and control, with a host of new, cutting-edge technologies. Accordingly, Chorus represents a significant example of the way in which modern functions can enhance and enrich a good restoration project, guaranteeing comfort, energy savings and security. Indeed, Chorus manages the systems for lighting, heating and access to the property, in addition to the burglar alarm system which reacts to break-in attempts by switching on the outside lights and alerting the connected security service.



Private Villa in Casalvieri Proiecte

Private Villa in Casalvieri

High on the hillside of Casalvieri (FR) is a modern residential building. A living space of 250 square metres, featuring GEWISS home automation systems. The attractive design of the Chorus plates accent the walls: while the simplicity of glass, elegant switches and stylish illuminated control symbols feature in the ICE Touch plates, providing a refined and elegant yet high-tech solution. The geometric and slim lines of the GEO plates mirror the refined design of the building, giving each space a strong and comfortable personality.

Private Villa in Bastia Umbra Proiecte

Private Villa in Bastia Umbra

În centrul unei văi din Umbria, lângă Perugia, Italia, această vilă splendidă este o combinație de stil contemporan, tehnologie sofisticată și eleganță rafinată. Sistemul domotic Chorus instalat în clădire este o sinteză perfectă a acestei combinații, incluzând plăci de sticlă albă ICE Touch, un sistem de securitate centralizat, o varietate de puncte de iluminare și cronotermostate încadrate de plăci LUX în metal alb monocrom.

Villa Belvedere Proiecte

Villa Belvedere

The Lux and Flat plates blend perfectly with the magnificent architectural backdrop of Villa Belvedere. These are used to command an entire domotics system, which distributes and manages energy in order to light rooms, hallways and passageways and interior and exterior spaces. A wide range of devices completed the range of push-button commands: presence detectors for automatic switch-on of lights, anti-black-out lamps, leak detectors, tv and sat socket-outlets, telephone, audio and video connectors and network cabling. A touch panel controls everything from a single point, including the irrigation system and alarm devices.

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